Blame the trees

Blame the Trees

Synapses | Debut Album

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Blame The Trees were established in Athens, Greece in late 2011.

By utilizing Post-Rock and Trip-Hop vibes as the common ground, we weld contrasting elements and genres to create innovative and fresh new musical textures. Ambient harmonies, explosive leads, catchy grooves and memorable melodies are driven by inspired female vocals.

These can be found in our recently released debut EP ‘Synapses’ in late 2013 where seven tracks will take you through a forest of familiar routes laced with unexpected twists, turns and branching paths.


Blame The Trees were conceived by vocalist Natalia and guitarist Harry as an ambitious yet not clearly defined musical project.

Late 2011 saw the addition of the backline to this ensemble in the faces of bass player Alex and drummer Panos. Mid- 2012 saw the addition of George on samples, FX and keys. By August of 2014, bass player Alex branched out towards academic pursuits and Romanos, a long standing friend of the trees already, filled his place.

The sum of the musicians now involved with Blame The Trees all had some past playing with each other in previous projects or bands. The story behind Blame The Trees is well-worn yet serves to remind that patterns have a way of forming and pieces of falling into place.

Sourced from different musical backgrounds, the members of Blame The Trees each contributed their specific twist to the musical melting pot that produced the tunes found in their debut EP.

Along the way, we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with established local acts such Calf, Anal Veritas,, Mother of Millions and Half Grain of Somma amongst others. Also, our music has been featured in Electric Soup, a compilation of upcoming Greek talent.

We have also been featured in websites such as and From-the-Basement and received favorable reports in regards to our live performances from various local reviewers. Lastly, we have had the honor of participating in festivals that showcase the local scene such as Defcon festival and the inaugural Post Jamboree organized by Six D.o.g.s.




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